Definition of a Dysfunctional Human Being


Many of you have noticed the activity on the site lately, the five essays I published over the past two months:






Simple concepts, universal themes that I hoped everybody could relate to while still acknowledging that this is meRaw. Uncut. Digging beneath the surface to reveal the true self, dealing with restrained demons, accepting me for who I am,…

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Open: In Loving Memory of Justin Morejon and Karen Urbina

Open: In Loving Memory of Justin Morejon and Karen Urbina


o·pen adjective /ˈōpən/

1. allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up.
2. exposed to view; uncovered.


1901144_731365446897660_1979170527_nThe moment Veronica moves her hand off my thigh and pulls her cell phone out, I know I’m not getting laid.

Sitting here dejected, studying the different faces moving through the food court at Dadeland Mall accompanied by the…

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Represent: Memoir of a Tattoo Addict

Represent: Memoir of a Tattoo Addict

rep·re·sent verb \ˌre-pri-ˈzent\

  1. to act or speak officially for
  2. to serve as a sign or symbol of
  3. to bring clearly before the mind


Mid-2003: Miami (Hialeah), FL

Sitting in a flea market in Hialeah when I should be in my 2:00 Calc class, I know deep down I’m not doing things the way people who care about me expect me to do them. But every time I try and think about…

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Look: A Relationship Defined

Look: A Relationship Defined

look /lo͝ok/

  1. verb: direct one’s gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction.
  2. noun: the appearance of someone or something, especially as expressing a particular quality.
  3. exclamation: used to call attention to what one is going to say.


SL2056There’s an eerie feeling that permeates the car as we get closer to Palm Coast. It’s like a winter fog’s coming in…

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Clutch: A Boy’s Life

Clutch: A Boy’s Life

Another non-fiction piece I wrote a while back about how my love of basketball helped shape me growing up.

Pick up Quarter Life Crisis at, available now.


Robert and I stand in front of the pull-up bars in the field out back of Southwood Middle School, staring at them like they’re Mount Everest. We bet each other about twenty minutes ago who could do the most. I think we…

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Blurry: Observations of a Drunk

Blurry: Observations of a Drunk


In the past four hours, I’ve had somewhere around six shots of tequila, a quarter gallon of vodka, and at least a six pack of beer. In other words, I’m drunk as shit. Totally guilty of WUI: Writing Under Intoxication. Pretty universally a bad idea. (see: drunk texting).

By time this gets to you though, weeks or months or even years from now, sitting in your living room, or at your office…

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Quarter Life Crisis is Here! (In a Good Way)

Quarter Life Crisis is Here! (In a Good Way)

Final Cover 1

It always baffles me how the human mind works in certain situations. I’ve been talking about/promoting Quarter Life Crisis for so long now that it’s become something of a myth to me. Even though I can pull it up on my computer whenever I want and look through it (which I’ve told myself not to do anymore because if I find any mistakes I’m going to lose my shit), even though I just recently had a…

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Quarter Life Crisis Book Launch

Quarter Life Crisis Book Launch


First of all, I’d like to thank everybody who came out to the Quarter Life Crisis book launch on Friday.

Ended up being a really good time. Ate some food, read a couple of chapters from the novel, sold and signed about forty books. Overall a great way to begin the process of getting this thing out there. I’ve got pictures up right here, or just click on the photos tab in the menu bar above.


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My Own Quarter Life Crisis

slumbering old manAt 30, I can’t very well claim to be having a quarter life crisis, unless I plan on living to 120 years old (a cool thought, but that sounds…just…exhausting).

I do, however, vividly remember my own quarter life crisis, mostly because it didn’t end too long ago. Also, (surprise surprise) it pretty much mirrored the crisis of Sean, one of the main characters in Quarter Life Crisis: A Novel.

What I…

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Quarter Life Crisis Gear




Alright. First of all, it’s been a while. Hope everybody’s summer’s going good. If you live in South Florida, hope these summer storms haven’t drowned or electrocuted you yet (seriously, it’s been like a daily Armageddon out here). Down to business:


The above picture is a glimpse of the final results for the Quarter Life CrisisBookreads giveaway that ended yesterday. Congrats to…

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